Some Day – For Martin

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Martin To be black in the United States during the holidays is already a trial. Traditional expressions of these holidays seldom involve black families, as most American media and imagery are already graded low when it comes to diversity. The holidays celebrated…More

Soaring ignorance

Soaring ignorance.  The problem with the problematization of other perspectives is that it takes too much for granted the knowledge of our own.  As though we are quite certain of ourselves!  As though we already discern, and have a clear and steady grasp of, our own boundaries!  As though we are not ourselves full of…More

On Forgiveness

Even when we have been hurt, even then we are to forgive the one who hurt us?  We were gathered around him as a flock gathers around a post–hungry or pensive.  The desert heat was mitigated slightly by a gracious cloud overhead which, instead of simply passing by and leaving us with unshielded fire, kept…More

Added Thoughts on Eternal Recurrence

To say that if he lived his life over again he wouldn’t do it now is insanity….  His living his life over again would guarantee the contrary–things being what they are. *** To run away from the recurrence comes with its own consequences, not one of them insignificant.  For instance, your running away comes back…More

The uncanniest feelings

The uncanniest feelings are those that bring with them an uncertainty as to what is being felt.  It starts, for example, with a sense of lightness, a sense of flight, of being turned upside-down.  Some would say they are queasy, others in great anticipation (whether for the dreaded or desired may not be clear), others…More

Storms of Change

Storms of change.  With all the talk about change being everywhere and being the only constant, you would think that we would be more tolerant, even to the point of accepting, of the change involved in changing into a vicious or an insane version of ourselves.  But we are not.  We wish, above all things,…More

Many the Wondrous Vision, or, Like a Friction of Realms

Every human being is a summary of the entire universe, and contains within itself whatever it was that created us or brought us forth. The great love we have for the chaosmos should contain the splendor and varied wonder of these fleshly jewels, refracting still the primal flicker of existence out into the ten directions.We…More

Getting lost in AI will have us lose our own possibilities

Getting lost in AI will have us lose our own possibilities. So AI can paint and create digital images. What can we paint? What happens to us and with us when we paint, or when we don’t paint? So AI can write poetry and academic essays. What are we preparing to write, and why? The…More

A Note on Affect and Poetry

Part of the affective character of poetry is the tone from which it is spoken, and part of the tone from which it is spoken is the energy of the speech, its charge with wakefulness or tiredness.  I say the energy of the speech, rather than the speaker, as a style itself, the words themselves,…More

Turning to Poetry

Since, as a philosopher, I want to understand how we are to live with mortal meaning, with meaning that does not contain as a part of its nature constancy, I turn to poetizing to get glimpses of the sudden eruptions, the lifespan, and the death of meanings.  Does this imply that poetizing cannot endure those…More

We might as well

We might as well.  That there is no argument for or against life and living is not an argument against philosophy itself.  This is not so much because, while philosophy consists of arguments and while it seems senseless to pronounce any arguments when faced with the inarguable, it still behooves us to know our limitations…More

To those who live by their goals

To those who live by their goals.  They might very well be dashed, like a plane wiped out from the sky by a storm, or a failing engine.  Which does not mean that you should not have them, that you should give up before making them, let alone attempting or attaining them.  The death of…More