You see that I do not want to take leave ungratefully from that time of severe sickness whose profits I have not yet exhausted even today. 

Nietzsche, Gay Science, Preface 3

We spent a little while at least considering the possibility that we might all be sick. For a time, any attempts to deny the sickness were easily recognized for what they were: variations and insidious forms of it.

Now we want to move on from it, and play with our bombs and our guns and our self- learning algorithms. We want to forget the sickness ever occurred. Moving from one sickness to the other in oblivion, making our sickness more embittered and sickly all the while. What is growing further and further from our hearts and minds is a gratitude for our sickness, a certain great healthfulness that appreciates the sickness for what it is…that admits that it is sick and loves life and the living world nonetheless.

For only living beings are prone to sickness.

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