Love the Dust

Love the Dust

Philosophy Poetry Madness — Dust

Christ in a Crushed Beer Can, the Buddha in a Toilet

Particles, Scraps & Fragments

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  • On Socrates’ intentions
    On Socrates’ intentions.  What did Socrates intend not to do above all?  He intended not to disregard a gift with which nothing can be made,…More
  • Because of the Basic Idea
    It was the basic idea that had us rapt. Beyond that, we were not impressed; All of the ways he waved his hands Showing us…More
  • docta ignorantia
    How far does my ignorance extend? To the ends? To every end? I might be certain of having a hand, but the certainty is merely…More
  • Work…Now?
    Who wants to go to work?More
  • Nevertheless
    Nevertheless I have the confidence that life can continue through muck, shit, and what is neither muck nor shit but is instead a recalcitrant stopping-point,…More

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For Pens, Books, Tea…
…and Passing Along Gifts

For More Pens, Books, Tea……and Passing Along Gifts

I’m outta here! Just kidding…! These funds are not being hoarded anywhere.

Those strange numbers


Your own odd (or even) number


Really, thanks. I will try to make it mean something.

May your own endeavors and passions thrive as well!

Thank you for this still true form of love.

Woah, ThanksWoah, ThanksWoah, Thanks

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