the forever of unsure

It was impossible to be precise about it
No one felt anything definite
There wasn't any announcement about the thing
When it happened

We understood nothing of what had happened
To us. We would have been afraid to say
Anything about it but the fear
Was unpronounced, a vague stirring

Instead we watched the earth shake
The sky change into colors
Unimagined until now, now that the imagination
Was weak and could not be bothered

Some of the stories that came out of it
Had all the proof of a scientific theory
That undertanding had left the scene long ago
In favor of the underlying

One of them in particular
Threw those with breath into fits
Where an insect takes over every quarter
Of the known world without becoming a titan

Staying small, this bug guides us all
To a utopia we stopped short of conceiving
In which everyone is rich
Down to the pinched bottom of their nothingness

Buzzing its way into our offices
To make our offices look like shams
Appear as shams, reveal themselves to be
Shameless shameful shams

Going so far as to teach us
Not to spread shame
As we spread disease, not to spread disease
As we spread misconception

This holy bee had a single child
Among all the larvae
Single too and with radiant strangeness
Smacked out of the air and killed against the stone

The end. We could not pretend to understand
Why there were still sirens to be heard
Why was anyone out on the street
To begin with rather than at home in bed

There was a lot of noise outside
The last leaves were blown by dreamless winds
We were stuck in the forever of unsure
Whether the dust in our eyes was ignorance or wonder.

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