That Thing on the TV (a short short short)

Simon: Dammit! This thing is smithereens, now.

Don: Well, quit messing with it! Why was it so important in the first place? We got to go! This’ll be good for you, too.

Simon: There was something on the news, something about colona–

Don: Colon! Now that’s not newsworthy! Unless it’s mine!  Dr. Hawthorne always have some news about Jerome.

Simon: That’s disgusting….

Don: What? I name all my body parts…when they come on stage! You forget most of them most of the time. You the one that said colon! Come on, let’s go…. Colon!

Simon: No no no…colona, cordova, gomorrah…gorano–

Don: –Geronimo!

Simon: Uh…no! That’s not it. You and your horse shit.

Don: It was a joke, Simon. What are you saying, horse shit? I rather like the story of Geronimo. One man taking on so much…a reminder to stay tough.

Simon: Still horseshit! It’s not what I’m talking about. The only reminder I need to stay tough I got ticking inside me. Now that’s a hundred thousand reminders a day. I’m trying to come up with this name. Then you go blabbing about some chief. Geronimo!

Don: C’mon, old man, come on, chief, we got to go!

Simon: Who you calling old man? Who you calling chief? You older than I am!

Don: Whatever it is, it’ll be fine. We were in the Gulf together. They weren’t declaring war now, were they? Should we throw on the suits?

Simon: I wasn’t able to see…. News lady had a bunch of graphs behind her, a list of numbers, list of places. I couldn’t figure it out.

Don: Well, what about now? You thinking about now or no? You’ll have time to figure that out when we get home and when we get that thing turned on again.

Simon: Huh? What you talking about, Don?

Don: You done forgot? You the one who had me going on about it!

Simon: I don’t think we talking about the same thing. You throwing me into a box when I’m trying to look at the sky, man. The sky! Now, that thing on the TV….

Don: That’s what we’re talking about! The sky! The TV! You going on about the TV. Forget about the TV and let’s get outta here! What, you wanna stay inside all day?

Simon: That’s the thing…. That thing on the TV…I can’t forget about it…. It just keeps lingering…even if I try to forget it, it keeps lingering….

Don: Well, there’s no need to keep frozen like this. We’ll work it out, talk about it some more. I’ll help you up, we got to go over to your daughter’s. Corinna’s got some news!

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