Added Thoughts on Eternal Recurrence

To say that if he lived his life over again he wouldn’t do it now is insanity….  His living his life over again would guarantee the contrary–things being what they are.


To run away from the recurrence comes with its own consequences, not one of them insignificant.  For instance, your running away comes back too, again and again, times without number.  Don’t you get tired of all that running?  No….  And this is only one of the consequences.


Some words are not meant for everyone, at least not all at once.  For that reason, we turn aside when speaking to a special recipient of the piece of wisdom, or scandal, we wish to share.  Like I’m doing now in this crowded room filled with readers.  I’ll just turn my back now, away from you, towards life, now uncapitalized and a laughingstock, dancing round and round in fretful twirling, and whisper to her…: ….


There is nothing worse than a feigned silence.  When silence is real you feel it like a force, it strikes you, and sometimes strikes you down.  You can’t pretend anymore, or you would be stuck in your pretending.  Such is the silence when we learn the truth of the eternal recurrence.


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