(dust) Audiobook Project!

After listening to Michael Marder present on Dust (see previous post, Jan. 5), I have been digging into his work for Bloomsbury Press, dust (2016). I have fallen in love with the work already, for the ways in which, through a phenomenology of dust, Marder allows us to see how dust pervades our lives in every respect, and how there is no running away from dust or dusting things totally clean.

I have decided to make an amateur audiobook for the work while I study it further, as it serves splendidly as a leitmotif to this dusty journey. This opening, or first installment, is Marder’s own, “to the reader”, a poem that dusts off words and concepts for further use later in the work, and also covers everything with dust–including the book itself.

Again, I must thank Michael Marder, for giving yet further reasons to

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