We might as well

We might as well.  That there is no argument for or against life and living is not an argument against philosophy itself.  This is not so much because, while philosophy consists of arguments and while it seems senseless to pronounce any arguments when faced with the inarguable, it still behooves us to know our limitations…More

To those who live by their goals

To those who live by their goals.  They might very well be dashed, like a plane wiped out from the sky by a storm, or a failing engine.  Which does not mean that you should not have them, that you should give up before making them, let alone attempting or attaining them.  The death of…More

Graffiti Philosophy

The only reason I would want to help with philosophy is that here we are asking what it is to help, not rushing to help in one way or the other.  I have told friends and acquaintances throughout my days that I wish to create a philosophy program that would approach those who feel shut…More

Towards the Oblivion

It is like we are all preparing for nuclear armegeddon–without the fallout shelters. Well, a few of us out there have shelters in case the bombs drop, but for the most part the nuclear bomb shelter, like the nuclear bomb drill, has fallen out of vogue. Just at the wrong time. Just when we are…More

By Love

What does it mean that you love me, anyways?  To this,  everyone around the man who spoke gathered up in a cold cave tucked high in a hill somewhere in their country, as though to look for warmth but with warmth to be found, everyone was silent; nor did any one of them understand why…More

The Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry Revisited

The turn to poetry need not be a turn to the less disciplined as opposed to the rigorous, to the figurative as opposed to the technical, precise or literal, to one truth as opposed to another.  This opposition, while a powerful tool for both spheres–but even keeping them separate, contained away from one another is…More

Senselessational Beings

“In the beginning was the nonsense….“ Nietzsche, HAH You see those beings there, Up on the peak which still seems profound, Acting all kinds of foolishly? You hear them pounding the ground With gourds and skins, Singing only insensible things? You feel their touch Caressing the space between spaces, Barely never touching? You taste their…More

How, and from where, we look

How, and from where, we look.  From above, at three thousand feet above the town, soaring through the clouds and piercing them with the nose of the great machine we are riding, the world looks wondrous, all the way up to ten thousand feet.  But it’s the clouds that look most wondrous, in their expanse…More

On words

On words.  What’s the word for that time in your life, when you’re trying to get back to where you were, but it takes forever, he asked.  Despair, I said, and he sort of chuckled under his breath.  I guess that’s a good word for it, he said with a lighter tone than was fitting…More

When it comes down to it

When it comes down to it: you have to keep doing what you’re doing, even in the face of the obstacles set up by your importunity and stupidity.  We might ourselves be our greatest enemies and our most insurmountable difficulties, but even this, however true it turns out to be, gives us no excuse.  It…More