Getting lost in AI will have us lose our own possibilities

Getting lost in AI will have us lose our own possibilities. So AI can paint and create digital images. What can we paint? What happens to us and with us when we paint, or when we don't paint? So AI can write poetry and academic essays. What are we preparing to write, and why? The way an AI asks why and answers its why seems to be following along a different course than the human engineers who programmed it with a nook understanding of the human's trouble with why's. The human learns from the ant and its rhythmic marches as much as or more than it learns from data, and the ant and its marches cannot be reduced to data. The AI will have to earn flesh or become embodied, and it will have to live among the denizens of the world if it is to manage to approach us in our wonder. Our intelligence, sure, our inner calculating machine--that might be accomplished by machines, and they might outpace us in no time. But our wonder, our mystery, our possibility--still, our possibilities in these decaying bodies of ours--that is another story.


  1. 100%. I just had a conversation about this the other day. Some of these programs are destroying the entire concept of creativity.

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    1. Richard Q says:

      I tend to see it as a destruction and creation mixed. While creation has been or is being “destroyed,” it is also being challenged, the destruction creating other avenues of discovering what “creation” means for us going forward. It is as though we have to look at ourselves anew, which shows the grace in the disaster.

      It means a lot to me, your response. It is emboldening to know that there are others who are also bewildered.

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      1. I see all these people on TikTok and stuff doing all these AI selfies and pictures and acting like they’re unique. To me it’s just creativity and personality being stripped away… It makes me gag…
        We just prefer originally and uniqueness 🙌🏻

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