To those who live by their goals

To those who live by their goals.  They might very well be dashed, like a plane wiped out from the sky by a storm, or a failing engine.  Which does not mean that you should not have them, that you should give up before making them, let alone attempting or attaining them.  The death of a goal does not entail that it never was, just the way the death of any one of us, the death of a human, does not entail that he never was.  If all human beings were wiped out from this planet at once, we still existed and had fire in our hearts in existing, even if only briefly, even if, by the time we look ahead to think of what goal we shall pursue, it is too late.  So, to you who live by your goals: at least you made them in time; moreover, you might as well die by them as you have lived by them.  Goals are not immortal and achieving them does not grant you immortality, but that infinitesimal time it takes to make them partakes of immortality, if only because it gives you time to lose them and to fail at them, the only markers of true life in any case.

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