Storms of Change

Storms of change.  With all the talk about change being everywhere and being the only constant, you would think that we would be more tolerant, even to the point of accepting, of the change involved in changing into a vicious or an insane version of ourselves.  But we are not.  We wish, above all things,…More

Many the Wondrous Vision, or, Like a Friction of Realms

Every human being is a summary of the entire universe, and contains within itself whatever it was that created us or brought us forth. The great love we have for the chaosmos should contain the splendor and varied wonder of these fleshly jewels, refracting still the primal flicker of existence out into the ten directions.We…More

Getting lost in AI will have us lose our own possibilities

Getting lost in AI will have us lose our own possibilities. So AI can paint and create digital images. What can we paint? What happens to us and with us when we paint, or when we don’t paint? So AI can write poetry and academic essays. What are we preparing to write, and why? The…More

A Note on Affect and Poetry

Part of the affective character of poetry is the tone from which it is spoken, and part of the tone from which it is spoken is the energy of the speech, its charge with wakefulness or tiredness.  I say the energy of the speech, rather than the speaker, as a style itself, the words themselves,…More

Turning to Poetry

Since, as a philosopher, I want to understand how we are to live with mortal meaning, with meaning that does not contain as a part of its nature constancy, I turn to poetizing to get glimpses of the sudden eruptions, the lifespan, and the death of meanings.  Does this imply that poetizing cannot endure those…More

We might as well

We might as well.  That there is no argument for or against life and living is not an argument against philosophy itself.  This is not so much because, while philosophy consists of arguments and while it seems senseless to pronounce any arguments when faced with the inarguable, it still behooves us to know our limitations…More

To those who live by their goals

To those who live by their goals.  They might very well be dashed, like a plane wiped out from the sky by a storm, or a failing engine.  Which does not mean that you should not have them, that you should give up before making them, let alone attempting or attaining them.  The death of…More


Aftermaths.  What to do after a disaster, in the aftermath of a disaster?  Pick up the pieces; at least this is our greatest inclination, to bend down to the uncaring earth, the rubble of us on the ground, and attempt to salvage what we can, to take back what has been destroyed into the folds…More

Graffiti Philosophy

The only reason I would want to help with philosophy is that here we are asking what it is to help, not rushing to help in one way or the other.  I have told friends and acquaintances throughout my days that I wish to create a philosophy program that would approach those who feel shut…More

Towards the Oblivion

It is like we are all preparing for nuclear armegeddon–without the fallout shelters. Well, a few of us out there have shelters in case the bombs drop, but for the most part the nuclear bomb shelter, like the nuclear bomb drill, has fallen out of vogue. Just at the wrong time. Just when we are…More

The Greatest Weight

Das grösste Schwergewicht. — Wie, wenn dir eines Tages oder Nachts, ein Dämon in deine einsamste Einsamkeit nachschliche und dir sagte: „Dieses Leben, wie du es jetzt lebst und gelebt hast, wirst du noch einmal und noch unzählige Male leben müssen; und es wird nichts Neues daran sein, sondern jeder Schmerz und jede Lust und jeder…More

By Love

What does it mean that you love me, anyways?  To this,  everyone around the man who spoke gathered up in a cold cave tucked high in a hill somewhere in their country, as though to look for warmth but with warmth to be found, everyone was silent; nor did any one of them understand why…More

The Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry Revisited

The turn to poetry need not be a turn to the less disciplined as opposed to the rigorous, to the figurative as opposed to the technical, precise or literal, to one truth as opposed to another.  This opposition, while a powerful tool for both spheres–but even keeping them separate, contained away from one another is…More