There is no bandage for the wound of nihilism.

It is to our detriment when we think there is. My roommate recently said to me in the kitchen, “I struggled with nihilism for a long time, and I finally got over it.” The philosopher within my psyche laughs, the philosopher within me whose greatest philosopher-friend is Nietzsche who, in turn, made “the overcoming of…More

via humiliatio

The more I love Christ, the harder I find it to laugh at him. The last two thousand years could be seen as a series of humiliations of Christ, who was already scheduled for humiliation while on the earth. As though one round of humiliation were not enough, Christ seems to have been doomed to…More

Nihilism, Grace, & the (In)difference

Nihilism stands at the door. Whence comes this uncanniest of all guests? Nietzsche, F. W., Kaufmann, W., & Hollingdale, R. J. (1968). The will to power. Vintage Books ed. New York, Vintage Books. p. 7 There are many ways to fall. Falling gracefully is one of them.Nihilism stands at the door, Nietzsche said, and he was right.…More

The be(a)st ideas

We might have passed the time when a man or a woman or another gives rise to an idea worth emulating or cultivating, and in that way gives that idea continued life. Now…now every idea is a caged idea. The idea is let out a little while to perform and wave its hands, then it…More

Before we had these things….

What was it likeBefore we had these things?Did we look one anotherIn the face more often,Did we tire of looking into Those searching and foreign eyes?What was it likeWhen we knew the feelingOf the ground beneath our toes,Or of questions askedWithout answers to them in our handsLike cold worms?Maybe it was a dreamBefore, when we…More