The be(a)st ideas

We might have passed the time when a man or a woman or another gives rise to an idea worth emulating or cultivating, and in that way gives that idea continued life. every idea is a caged idea. The idea is let out a little while to perform and wave its hands, then it is sent back to the menagerie for feeding and rotation and torture.
    We do not let the beasts "ideas" live in human hearts any longer. Instead we represent them, in other words, tame them and make them behave.
    So it is not as much in the giving as in the taking. Freakish and world-turning ideas are still given from flesh as always, but now they are taken as unremarkable data bits. Turning these bits of ideas loose upon one another in an unrestrained war does not give ample and equal opportunity for all to thrive. In fact, whatever ideas can be passed along like faceless coins fare the best in this warfare. Ideas that bear with them no initiative of soul are perfectly suited for a game that makes ideas useless--tiresome,even--through the sheer repetativeness and subsuming quality of its play.
You will surely have an idea once--maybe twice--and that idea will be fire incarnate in the soul of the one who holds it and works with it. But then you will give this holy-revolutionary idea--give it freely, willingly--to the world and its game of making frames. And when taken by the terms of this game, then you've never seen any magic more impressive, something disappearing like that but quicker, something falling so sheer that used to stand--or it looked like standing--on two legs, or they looked like legs. Nobody wants to follow an ambiguous walker, and everybody is walking on something more insubstantial than the color of your eyes in a dream.

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