Even for the mundane

Even for the mundane.  The most mundane of things can light up my gratitude, or send soaring my wonder.  Not only speech–speech is a wonder itself, and it’s a wonder what we can say–but the most inane and casual or conventional conversations or phrases, about the weather or directions to somewhere, or some complaint or passing remark about something can send me into feeling Wow, to thinking Wow, to even saying Wow, that we are capable of such things!  It’s a wonder, not only that we are alive–life itself is a wonder, and it’s a wonder how we can find ourselves living–but even dry spells of life are fountains for a disposition as, more than tolerant, as embracing and as affirmative as wonder, or the pleasure of gratitude.  Next all someone has to do is wink at me, or wince or smile or laugh in the most unremarkable way and at something hardly funny, and I am sent to rapture in gratitude and wonder, I wonder how all of this can come together and just like so, even for the mundane; a proper starting-point for those who do not want to grow tired with life.

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