On joy and pessimism

On joy and pessimism.  Any joy that pushes away pessimism is an abject and suspicious joy, for joy does not push away but welcomes, welcomes so deliriously that pain and suffering, the whole gamut of humiliations, are welcomed back as boldly indifferently as are those moments of which we would say more casually, Well, I rather enjoyed that, or those moments we so crave to return, when something was accomplished or finally put together in its greatest power, the moments of high intensity where Yes comes like the moan of orgasm, where we cannot deny saying Yes and affirming the thing before us, this colored portion of the spectrum of life’s possibilities.  Failure will return as well, that gem of time, and etch itself in what’s left of eternity as much as any triumph, as much as any good thing, it will shine in its way.  The failure of all things or everything in ruin, even that returns.  If the universe indeed expends its energy so that a final atrophy occurs that wipes out with a cosmic whiff all the grand schemes we wanted for ourselves, maybe every life wants for itself, or even every void wants for itself, the scheme to be something as powerful as nothing, as encompassing and as unforgivingly everlasting, if there’s a final collapse of all systems so that moons are crashing into stars and stars into the planets that once relied upon them for nourishing light and heat, or for a center of gravity, if this happens, only joy can live with this for only joy has the capacity, the strength as it were, to face openly and without any ulterior motives a reality such as this, a reality always hiding and somehow at the same time so blunt as to be a great smack or a heavy punch.  Only joy, in fact, surrenders to the reality of the most far-reaching pessimism, not with any certainty but with the savoring of multi-faceted uncertainty, or layers of certainty grounded by uncertainty, or conversely.  Pessimism alone, as we all know, as we can smell, has too narrow a vision of things to see much of anything, to see much of itself, even, as it is.

Adoration (2023)


  1. Mr. Z says:

    I’m not going to read your whole “woe is me” post Mr. Q. Yesterday I received an email from the Director of NPR (National Public Radio) part of the Public Broadcasting System that produces quality journalism for the public trust. The email said that Elon Musk has given them the same branding as propaganda news which has forced them to make the decision not to use twitter as a platform. Valuable information is being undermined.
    And here you are busy looking at Nietzsche’s bellybutton.
    Your guilt trip will not work on anyone here. You are being “liked” by affiliate marketing and volunteer influencers. The people you are ignoring regarding the subject of rape, are the people who actually help with content, with information, and with real connections.
    Georgie wasn’t trying to push you into false joy. She was giving you an out so you could keep your kinky boots on with dignity.
    When you find yourself arrogantly alone… come back to earth and try to be helpful instead of needy.


    1. Richard Q says:

      It is odd to receive a comment on a piece from one saying he or she or they will not read the piece. Odder still to hear the piece called a Woe is Me piece by one–again–who has not read it.

      These bots are only the beginning. We must learn to create and thrive in the midst of them, perhaps hopelessly.

      Musk is a devastating figure for our times. His rising to public prominence and influence the way he has will certainly not bode well, as it has not so far. Any compromise of journalism I see as trauma for the polis.

      I will have to think more about what you mean by my ignoring others concerning rape. I take this seriously. Many of those who have reached out to me in recent days have told me that they are leaving wordpress. That, and I have suffered a migraine headache for the last four or five days. I believe you that these are all helpful and important people, and that their worries are true and do not speak well for the platform. As for the people who have experienced the real pain of violation, I wish only to console and empower them.

      I have loved ones in my life who have gone with me through darkness. If I am alone, I am alone with them.

      How dare you speak of Nietzsche’s belly button in such a manner.



      1. Mr. Z says:

        Go AWAY.


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