It is a certain faith we have in life…

It is a certain faith we have in life, no matter the circumstances. There is no hope in life, and hope may be drained to the dregs. Still, this hopeless hope of our faith lasts, has lasting power--due to some insanity.

Perhaps it is the insanity of surviving. Our ancestors have had to tell themselves endless yarns just to meet the dawn the next day. The next day could be terrible, unbearable without a good yarn.

It is a faith that the whole of things is somehow held, somehow suspended, in the arms of a sort of grace, a sort of uncontrollable love, an impersonal personality, an affection of dust and light and shadow.

That you may tell lies to your friends and neighbors, and they will all echo and resound into an ear that you wish you did not have. That you may lay out all of your truths, and they are mashed and mushed together like slop.

Faith that all the buildings will crumble and there will not be a hovel left for shelter. Faith that the final word will be a word urging us to remember something, when the entirety of our lives has been spent forgetting. Faith that we are forgetting the most important things as we speak.

Something tells me that these human beings and I will meet one day and frolic and make love and give one another all of our secrets, that the exposure will be blinding, and that the negative of us will be etched on every wall of the existing world.

That their hands will reach out to mine from the other shore of the swirling mess, that they will make all manner of promises to me, that I will believe them and follow them to the ends of every exoplanet, that I will fall in love with them and fall into pits and hells on account of them, that I will turn away from them and turn back to them all in the same life.

Not worried about hell or heaven even if they come, not worried about them even if they come to your poor grandmother, who only tried to love no matter how many times she failed at loving, not worried since they will be real if they are real, and the real is not to be worried over, the real is to be relished and adored, and is to confound us.

Faith in the surreal manifestations of the godhead, like in a pile of waste or dust, or in a beer can or the filthiest toilet. Prayers like stuttering speeches in dark alleyways, moonlight all around but unable to reach into the cracks. Faith sometimes in the instant that changes everything, faith included.

Faith in faithlessness, a faithless faith worshiping a powerless power, dust of faith for the dust of this world. Understanding not an iota of it but still persisting, persisting in the gloom, persisting in the lack of gloom, persisting some lucky or who-knows-what times in a positive joy that you breathe, or think you breathe, that the sun is on your face and the winds blow across that face, or you think they do.

I fall in love with these faithful beings, for whom life is already loveable dust running through their loveable fingers. It is like they make music with uninstrumental and unmusical things, like the world finds voices and sings choruses simply because these beings have joined in the festivities, festivities the world did not even know it was going to have.

Faith too that the decay of our minds and hearts has something to it, and not only something to bemoan. Faith in the coming and lordship of gracelessness, in the irony of our best attempts, in the strange faces your friends, and foes and strangers too, make at you when you tell them that you believe in them and believe in this world we share.


  1. Ok, so you followed me… what do you think of my poems, Richard Q? Pick one. What’s your “take-away” if you could put it in a nut-shell? Lets’ see if you have the chops.

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    1. Richard Q says:

      Hey, Pussy Krampus! I love the verve of your reaching out to me!

      I simply fell in love with Right Down the Line. The conversation between the man and the son is not only relatable, it is fateful (stuck in the Tar, vicious circle). We (the boy) are asked to walk in shoes that are ultimately not ours, and will never be. (You own the shoe factory.) Things don’t evolve for the father, they are ordained, ordered. Just a couple of the thoughts I had about the piece.

      P.S. The line concerning black people not having a monopoly on art (as long as you can hold yourself together and carry a tune!) had me chuckle. For me, there is somehow some beautiful understanding in that line.

      Joy and dust.

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      1. Thanks for taking the time. I admit I had my doubts you were sincere. I appreciate your thoughtfulness Richard Q.
        I am pleased to say, You have the chops.

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      2. Richard Q says:

        That means a lot. You’ve got some chomps too, I’ll say.

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      3. I don’t know if this site is of interest to you Richard Q but I am troubled by the term “grace” and here’s some context provided by G Buster Henry. I hope if you watch the lecture, you will see where I’m coming from, which is not to insult you…
        No pressure, of course, to pursue this if you don’t wanna.

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      4. Richard Q says:

        Every word is corruptible. I like playing in the filth. Thank you for pointing me to “Buster Henry’s” piece. I have seen a stupid grace like this in my life, too. I have also witnessed stupid and nasty friendships, stupid and nasty religions.

        I understand your doubts about sincerity. Humanity itself is in doubt, let alone an individual’s sincerity!


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      5. By doubting sincerity, I only meant that maybe you just wanted to “preach” and not have any dialogue. I get “follows” that are not actually reading my work, and want me to be interested in them. so I didn’t know if your follow was a mutual interest or more of a self interested one.
        I’m not sure I use words like “nasty” unless Miss Janet is singing… or if it’s for the sake of character dialogue in fiction. Women are always gettin called nasty. I even have an appliquéd heart-patch with the word Nasty on it! lol!
        However, white supremacy’s misuse of religion and “grace” is corrupt…
        Maybe we will refine our discussion so we can understand more about each other?
        I thank you again for your replies and willingness to converse.


      6. Richard Q says:

        The lack of sincerity as you described it above is common, that’s for sure. I like to start by assuming it is there. Not only is it an encouraging atmosphere for my heart, but I think it is more likely to breed sincerity than suspicion is.

        I love your care for individual words. I hope to have a similar care. I stand by the use of the word “nasty” in the context above, despite its connotations. Please do not see the word coming from me as in any way applied to you! Except in the fun way when you are wearing that badge! 😃

        Joy always. Trouble and joy

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      7. It’s true my online experiences have made me weary, and maybe I should unplug from that baseboard reaction…
        But regardless of that, you are wonderful to speak to. and I don’t wanna police your words and I am kinda a hypocrite cuz I call people other names when I’m angry… so… um…
        I accept!


      8. Richard Q says:

        You are also a joy to speak with. Even though I have faith in humans, I still acknowledge the rarity of a presence like yours.


      9. please tell me you can’t help but love this woman:

        (I hope it’s okay with u I drop the link here)

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      10. Richard Q says:

        I will always love Janet! Feel free to drop whatever, wherever.

        ❤️ 🎶

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      11. I think all world religions are patriarchal and have borrowed from one another, and they all began as cults. They are all political. I don’t think of religious people as filthy or stupid but I also don’t view them as fully spiritually evolved. I understand if you don’t want to continue speaking to me, if what I am saying feels condescending to your faith. I am a reader of Mona Eltahawy who wrote The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls and the book Headscarves and Hymens (Why the Middle East needs a sexual revolution) and whose mantra is “Fuck the Patriarchy” which is not to be confused with man-hating. She is a feminist happily married to a man, the love of her life. She is against forms of oppression. So am I. Thank you for allowing my comments.


      12. Richard Q says:

        Your comments here have me want to read Mona Eltahawy. You need not worry (truly) about offending me. I have faith, but do not want to lay claim to a faith in particular. There is an immaturity in religious culture as it grows and transforms (and does not transform) throughout history/herstory. I am continually astonished by the patriarchal convictions of the human beings who spoke of the divine. It can be a tragi-comedy hearing of the divine spoken in the same breath as the subordination of one sex to another!

        Sex can be turned political, too. That does not mean that sex is only political.

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      13. I am moved by your words. Thank you for saying this. 🙏🏻
        here is a link to Mona Elathawy’s newsletter. She provides it free or you can donate to her cause and you can subscribe to it thru email either way. What’s most important to her is making the information available. She’s passionate and real and brave and funny too. very lovable.

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      14. Richard Q says:

        Thank you thank you!


      15. Richard Q says:

        Just a bit of time with Mona (so far), and I understand your love of her. I am grateful for all such beings of power.

        I hope your days have been great. Kinky Boots has finished its 5-week run, so I have been sinking into rest in a way different from recently.


  2. Mind you, there is a limited window for this opportunity.

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    1. Richard Q says:

      Oh, and thank you for the challenge. It is rare, how you reached out. Rare and lovely.


      1. Thank you also. I look forward to your posts Richard Q. ❤️

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      2. Richard Q says:

        That means a lot. ❤️

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