My grandmother kept the last living python in her room. She named the animal Dragon.
Dragon, she would whisper to it, and the snake would slide over to her over the old carpet.
The snake would poke her tenderly when he arrived with the fork he kept in his mouth. Grandma didn't seem to care that the world around her was losing its ground and its groundedness.
She talked to that snake on and on, and Dragon seemed to have a curve and a bend for all of her queries.
This snake loved to get wet, and my grandmother would always smile when Dragon took a bath. She thought I named him right.
For dragons are traditionally creatures of water and air, and snakes--at least for grandma and her desperate heart--are more than fairy tales.


  1. Large snakes and rats are not something I would want as a pet. I love all animals but I feel it should be their choice to live with us. For me they have the right to have their space on the planet as we do.

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    1. Richard Q says:

      That is beautiful, Paula. This relationship is more of a friendship, the relationship between my grandma and Dragon.


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